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How to Find an Elder is a manual of resource materials to use in your church as you work with prospective elders. The following are the materials in the workbook for sale:

INTRODUCTION: How to Find an Elder

STUDY: Biblical criteria for selecting an elder

BROCHURE: How to Find an Elder (two pages)

FORM: Prospective Elder Evaluation Request (two pages)

REFERENCE: Christian Community Character Reference (two pages)

REFERENCE: Elder Character References (one page)

REFERENCE: Evaluation to be completed by someone outside the church community (2 pages)

REFERENCE: Spousal Evaluation/Reference

CHART: Elder Process Progress Chart (one page)

CHART: Elder consideration progress chart (one page)

BROCHURE: Introduction of an individual for consideration as elder (one page)

LETTER: Letter to an elder confirming their selection

Self-evaluation of theology

Self-evaluation of ministry involvement in the church

APPENDIX A: Comments to current leaders

APPENDIX B: Permission to reproduce materials purchased

NOTE: The purchase of each set of these materials by an individual provides permission for the recipient to use the materials in the church they are attending at that time. No permission is given to distribute or sell the materials beyond that one local church the purchaser is attending at the time of purchase.